Let's Compare Commission

$250,000 HOME VALUE

4% Commission: $10,000

5% Commission: $12,500

6% Commission: $15,000

$350,000 HOME VALUE

4% Commission: $14,000

5% Commission: $17,500

6% Commission: $21,000

$450,000 HOME VALUE

 4% Commission: $18,000

 5% Commission: $22,500

 6% Commission: $27,000

Full Service Real Estate Listing

Pricing Strategy & Continuous Monitoring

Marketing Plan including Internet & Social Media

Triangle MLS Listing with Photos 

"Coming Soon" - List while Preparing Home to Show

Listing on realtor.com, homes.com, zillow.com, trulia.com, etc

Professional Signage & Lock Box

Open House & Staging Consultation

Showing Service & Feedback

Contracts, Real Estate Forms, eSignature

Negotiate with Buyer’s Agent

Coordinate all Stages of Closing Process

Provide Additional Local Resources

Collaborate with Buyer's Agent, Closing Attorney, Inspector, Contractors

Smooth, Clear, Responsive, Honest 

Local Full-Time Agent


Working with the Right Agent

Selling your home can be stressful and overwhelming.  There are many financial decisions to make and it’s likely your home is very special to you.  Cut down on the stress of selling your home by working with a dedicated real estate agent. Kellie can provide you with that dedication.  Kellie will use her in-depth knowledge, real estate expertise and grit to sell your home quickly.  Kellie will put you first and will meet your needs. 

List for Less - Seller Agent Johnston Co NC 

So, You're Thinking About Selling Your Home


Thinking of selling your home?

That decision should be based on a combination of factors and goals unique to you. The first step - knowing what those factors and goals are. Consider your needs, wants and finances as the building blocks of your selling goals.

Determine why you need to sell your home

· Are you changing jobs?

· Is your family size changing?

· Are you retiring?

· Are you experiencing new health issues?

· Is your home or neighborhood unsafe?

· Is your area too noisy, congested or inconvenient?

· Has your income significantly decreased?

· Has your income significantly increased?

Determine why you want to sell your home

· Is your commute too long or too expensive?

· Are you itching for a bigger, nicer home?

· Are you looking for a better school system?

· Are you having trouble with your neighbors?

· Are you sick of the weather in your area?

· Would you like to be closer to the things that matter to you?

Create realistic financial expectations

What is your real spending?  Gather receipts for a few months. Add in mortgage payments, annual home maintenance fees and taxes.

What do you think your home value is?  This will give you a general idea of what you can expect to get from a sale.  But keep in mind - only a real estate agent can give you an accurate estimate.  A real estate agent will conduct a thorough comparative analysis of homes recently sold in your area to help you set expectations for your sale.


Curb Appeal

Keep your lawn mowed, your hedges trimmed and consider adding flowers for a bit of color. Replace your mailbox if it is damaged or in poor condition. Consider painting or replacing your front door.


Clean - Declutter - Depersonalize

Rooms will look larger if there’s less stuff in them. You might consider renting a storage unit to temporarily store all but the most critical pieces of furniture and decor. But don’t go overboard; it’s better to leave some furniture in the room than to have it completely empty so potential buyers can imagine where their furniture would go.

Update/Repair to Improve Your Home’s Value

Evaluate the main structures of your home and take care of any pressing problems, such as leaking faucets, cracked windows, or other concerns that could turn off potential buyers. Kellie Ashley is a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor and can help you evaluate the needed repairs and costs.

Decide on a Competitive Listing Price

A competitive listing price is one that is similar to listing prices of comparable homes on the market (or those that have recently sold), yet high enough that you’ll make a healthy profit. Kellie Ashley can provide all comparable data in your area.

Schedule a Professional Photo & Drone Shoot

The majority of potential buyers will see your home online before they see it in person, and first impressions are important. One study found that homes with professional listing photos sell for $1000'S more than their list price.

Let Your Agent Take It From Here

Kellie Ashley will put your home on the multiple listing service in your area, which will put your listing it on sites like realtor.com, homes.com, trulia.com, zillow.com and in front of other agents.  Kellie will place a “For Sale” sign in your yard, so folks passing by will know.  Kellie will also start to market the property to potential buyers, via flyers, online advertising and social media.

Start Looking for Your Next Home

In the event your home sells quickly, you’ll need to be ready to move.  You will also become familiar with what’s available to meet your needs into the future.

You Have an Offer - Now What?

Buyer has Submitted an Offer

Your agent will present the offer to you. Items you should review closely when making your decision for a counteroffer:

· purchase price

· earnest money deposit

· due diligence fee

· due diligence period

· settlement date

· Buyer financial options

· is the Buyer requesting the Seller pay closing cost?

· is the Buyer requesting any personal property items?

· is the Buyer requesting upfront repairs?

· is the Buyer requesting a home warranty?

After You Have Accepted an Offer

· Home Inspection

· Radon Test 

· Appraisal

· Survey

· Septic Inspection

· Water Test if Well Water

· Negotiate Repair Request

Time to Start Packing, Etc…

· Clean your home one final time, check closets for items left behind

· Turn off shut-off valves that could flood and damage your home

· Leave all extra keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter

· Forward your mail & formally change address at the post office

· Notifying creditors, subscription services, utilities, family & friends of your change of address

· Gather appliance manuals, receipts & warranty information for your new buyers

What You Bring to Closing

· Photo identification of all sellers on the home contract

· Any questions you have regarding your closing statement

· Main keys and security codes for your home

· Documentation of repairs you made per the Home Inspection

· Forwarding address

Typical Seller Expenses Paid at Closing

· Your remaining mortgage balances

· Real estate agent commission

· Prorated Property taxes, HOA dues

· Revenue Stamps

· Deed prep fees

· Closing attorney fees

After Closing Checklist

· Make sure all utilities are transferred out of your name and into the new owner

· Cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy. You may receive a refund for part of your prepaid homeowner’s insurance policy

· File your closing paperwork in a safe place so you can access if needed


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